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How Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder Works

Posted by Andrew Feyen on

Using black stuff to whiten your smile? Sounds a bit odd, we know.

But didn’t all the best things sound a little crazy at first? A palm sized electronic device you can use to see and chat with friends halfway across the world… Big steel contraptions that fly through the air & enable us to travel abroad within mere hours… Potatoes sliced super thin and fried to make a crunchy, delicious snack. See? Not so crazy after all.

Activated charcoal is an ancient material with countless uses. It has gained more and more recognition since the end of the 20th century and has recently exploded in popularity since the discovery of its natural teeth whitening capabilities.

Here we’ll tell you all about our Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder. A little bit of the science behind how it works and most importantly.. how you can benefit from it.

Soul Good Naturals’ food-grade Activated Charcoal Powder is a fine black powder made from coconut shells. The charcoal is then heated, which “activates” it. This changes its internal structure, making it more porous than regular charcoal.  

Activated charcoal’s natural absorbent qualities allow it to bind with staining culprits like coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes and plaque. It removes these little nasties from your teeth for good when you spit it out. Resulting in a brilliant, sparkling, whiter smile; through the power of Activated Coconut Charcoal, nature’s best purifier.

Because it is so absorbent, activated charcoal is sometimes used in emergency rooms to treat poisoning and overdose. By “soaking up” the poison, the charcoal prevents it from being assimilated into the stomach. In 1834, an American physician used activated charcoal to save the life of a patient who had accidentally ingested mercury chloride.

Here’s a basic chemistry lesson on how activated charcoal whitens teeth...

Activated charcoal has a negative electrical charge, which in turn attracts positively charged molecules. Toxins, bacteria and stains have a positive charge. Therefore, you guessed it, the charcoal absorbs them all! As far as safety goes - this fine, odorless and tasteless powder is totally safe to ingest (although please do not swallow it on purpose, keep that black gold on your teeth where it belongs!). If you’re interested in ingestible charcoal capsules or tablets please visit your local health food store.

So that pretty much sums it up. If you’re looking for safe, natural way to brighten up your pearly whites, look no further than our “Activated Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder”.

Click here for a detailed guide on “How to use Activated Charcoal Powder”.

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